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List Building Accelerator Roadmap

The Most Effective

Step by Step System

for Growing Your Online Business as a Speaker, Trainer or Coach

List Building Accelerator is the only implementation program that not only shows you all the strategies and tactics on how to grow, and keep growing, your email list, but also offers you daily action steps to take to get real, measurable results by growing your audience, filling your community with your ideal clients, creating content, and starting to sell.

Before I tell you all about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this is really for...

You’re ambitious and you’re tired of trying to figure out what to do and HOW to do it, and you’re ready to build an online business that allows you to impact lives, make money and ultimately… build the life of your dreams.

Whether you’re...

  • An aspiring entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, coach or course creator looking to start selling your expertize

  • An entrepreneur, speaker, trainer, coach, consultant or course creator who is looking for more clients, increased cash flow, and the tools to build a business that allows you to live your purpose

  • A passionate entrepreneur, determined to make 2021 your best year ever

  • Someone who’s at the beginning and is tired of trying to figure out what works & what doesn’t, and wants to build an online business the smart way with a proven process...

  • You’re the type of person who is 100% committed to follow through with a training and applying what you’re learning in your life and business

  • You’re in the right place and I am going to tell you exactly how ‘List Building Accelerator Roadmap’ will give you the tools, inspiration, and daily support on your journey to launching an online business from scratch as a speaker, trainer, coach or course creator.

    By the end of this program you will have:

    • Nailed down who your audience is and learned their language (instead of talking to everyone and ending up talking to no one)

    • Validated your lead magnet to make sure your audience is ready to download it the minute it’s launched

    • Properly create your Facebook group, set up your opt-in page, thank you page, confirmation e-mail, for the delivery of your lead magnet to your audience (even if you hate technology and have never done this before)

    • Developed a practical system for creating persuasive, powerful, relevant copy in order to communicate to your ideal client, using their language to solve their problem and introduce them to your solution

    • Figured out how to write your welcome e-mail sequence for your new subscribers in order to make sure you are on track to building ‘know, like and trust’

    • Optimized your personal Facebook page and use it strategically to build your list

    • Crafted an effective webinar script that attracts prospective clients and sells your product or service

    I had reservations about joining another marketing course because I thought I was going to hear something I've already heard before.

    Daniela is incredible. She gives way more than I paid for. She answers all of my questions quickly. She provides feedback on ideas and documents I've presented to her. She is passionate about others achieving their goals and growing their businesses.

    Daniela created a system for me to follow. She also led by example. Everything she told me to do she's doing in her own business.

    Without hesitation I recommend anyone sign up to work with Daniela


    CEO & Founder of Growth Works Rx, speaker, trainer, coach

    Enroll in ‘List Building Accelerator Roadmap’ today!


    Enroll NOW!

    Here is what some of the students are saying:

    Daniela's approach was immediate, full of energy and knowledge, easy to comprehend, more knowledge than expected and ready to help and explain whenever needed.

    I have never seen an instructor that gives so much more than one expects. I did not want the program to end.

    Within 7 weeks, Daniela clarified all the things/strategies I had for years in my head and that I had never acted on.

    After starting the seminar I went back to revisited my website, the services I offer, the way I position myself and the way I do business.

    She gave me a clear step by step roadmap to build my list on social media and my website, she gave me knowledge on webinars, she gave me clarity on my ideal client and showed me exactly where to find them and engage with them.

    I have just started applying Daniela's system and now I engage in 3 Facebook and LinkedIn groups with similar ideal clients and I have been invited to speak at events that they are going to organize.

    Beyond building my list, Daniela helped me with mentoring on tribe building, content creation, template and tools.

    I absolutely recommend Daniela's List Building Accelerator Program to anyone who wants to create and online marketing business. I also recommend the program to anyone who wants a great teaching experience.


    Founder of Artelio Consulting, marketing&sales strategist for small businesses

    I joined Daniela’s program because I needed help enhancing my list building knowledge, tactics and strategies, but I had scepticism initially because my company is a new small business and I was unsure if this was my next best step.

    Daniela provided our group awesome practical and tactical steps to enhance our list building and marketing skills.

    Daniela provided me various email templates and sequences, steps and formulas on creating lead magnets, identifying my ideal client and finding them, and understanding my ICA inside-out.

    I have started to apply several learns and increase my reach to my ICA. 

    Daniela’s training has caused me to have a paradigm shift on connecting with my ideal client through social media, email and other calculated tactics. This has been a great learning journey and my process continues.

    Daniela provides so much valuable information and graciously shares her Expertise and knowledge and serves as an Awesome thinking partner. She gave our group much more than we could of imagined. 

    Her passion in marketing is infectious and she holds you accountable in love.

    I would highly recommend this program to anyone desiring to achieve more in their business and to connect with the people they serve. Remain patient, teachable and apply the learnings to get incremental growth in yourself, knowledge and the tactics and strategies you employ to enhance your list building and marketing skills.

    Daniela is the real deal!


    Speaker, Trainer, Coach, helping women with personal development

    I was not sure what to expect and I have done a previous program before which left me feeling lost.

    Daniela takes you by the hand, and shows you how to do things in an ethical and correct way. You are not left hanging in the dark to go figure it out by yourself.

    Within the 7 weeks, I have started to apply her system and now I have been able to get clarity on my client, finish my first lead magnet, create my Facebook group, invite the right people to the group and get to know the language my ideal client speaks, furthermore I know how to built my email sequence and create the relevant systems to continue growing my email list/client base.

    Daniela went over and beyond giving so much value, on her teaching points and tips but also on her feedback on how we implemented what she taught us. Additionally being available at all times, during live calls and also commenting on each of our posts and questions that is extraordinary. This is how you can really move forward.

    I absolutely recommend Daniela's List Building Accelerator Program to anyone that wants to grow their email list/client base. There are many that teach the same topic but I am sure that there are not many that literally take you by the hand and guide you through, and all the time with your best interest at heart.

    One thing I know for sure is that the price I paid was really under-priced.


    Founder of Pure Brain Power, providing coaching services for professionals to start to grow their own business

    I always wonder if I will get good value for my money and time--and I can honestly say without hesitation that I feel like I could have paid 10X as much and still would have won.

    Daniela killed it! She was up early and late, was in and out of so many threads and posts, and always came ready to serve us at every level of the program.

    The program was intense! There were videos and Facebook posts and Zoom calls - and it was so much! I fell behind because, well, Life, BUT Daniela had broken down the process into such manageable and simple steps that it was very easy to jump right back in where I left off and catch back up. Her first advice to me was to go to me from many years ago and to list out what I needed to do to become who I am today... and even though I initially hesitated, this week (week 7) I began making posts related to this and am seeing a lot of engagement.

    Daniela helped with so much! I found clarity, belief, and possibility. She helped me with this through mentoring calls as well as by being so involved in the Facebook group offering specific support and encouragement.

    If you need clarity on exactly what to do and in what order to build your list, I believe there is no better program than Daniela's. She will do what it takes to help you succeed!


    President of Next Level Life; speaker, trainer, and coach

    I had reservations about joining this List Building Accelerator course because I am limited on time.

    Daniela's style is direct and clear.

    She provides personal feedback and group coaching. She breaks the complex into bite size tasks and teaches the skills needed for that tasks.

    Within 7 weeks, Daniela helped me get clear on my ideal clients, taught me how to find them and create a list. She gave me the tools necessary to confidently move forward with starting this business.

    Beyond list building, Daniela introduced us to some amazing people for resources. She also provided personal transcripts for content creation and banner wording.

    Daniela's List Building Accelerator Program is a MUST for anyone who is starting a business and feels completely lost. She gives you clarity, step by step instructions, and answers to all your questions.


    President of Soul Success International, Inc

    Daniela's communication flowed from sincerity and transparency, she was passionate about helping us and she did that by delivering more than she promised and so much more.

    Daniela's lessons and support has saved me a lot of time. I can do more from the 7 weeks of her teaching than I could have learned on my own over the next several months.

    Beyond building my list, Daniela helped me with other stuff including Tool kits, Templates, Content creation, Tribe building, bringing on experts where we had common problems, this and more above the list building.

    I absolutely recommend Daniela's List Building Accelerator Program to anyone that wants to build their contact list and learn the art of communicating with your clients, and more, as you grow your tribe.


    Director of The Insight Company, providing services in Implementing Management systems, Team building & Problem Solving for organisations and businesses

    Besides several reasons to pivot my business online, I specifically selected Daniela’s program among many in the market, for her mindset, expertise and proven results in the area. My only reservations on moving forward where my own self-doubt and whether 7 weeks would be enough for me to grasp what needed to be done to create some first results. Daniela’s communication and delivery exceeded expectations. She was always available, any time of the day, even really late, to answer questions, provide an insight and offer her support and encouragement.

    Most importantly, Daniela modelled all the way what needs to be done, by applying her teaching in a newly created part of her own business.

    Within 7 weeks, Daniela managed to shift my thinking and grow my awareness on who my ideal client avatar is, how to focus on finding them, how to understand their language, and how to step into their shows to communicate.

    I followed her methodology and strategies and applied them step by step. I now have proven results that it does work indeed, as I experienced it already. Her daily action steps helped me remain focused and move from theory and thinking to hands on daily practice. Moving forward I know exactly what I need to do and adjust for further improved results.

    On top of helping me to build my list, Daniela helped me in a number of ways beyond any expectation. She provided mentoring, support and guidance in a number of other areas, which could only be found in other, additional programs.

    Daniela provided a holistic approach in building my business online, from tribe building and content creation to ready to use templates and tools.

    I absolutely recommend Daniela’s List Building Accelerator Program to anyone who wants to gain clarity on how to build their list online, get accreditable, concise, step by step applicable roadmap, topped up with high caliber mentoring by Daniela herself, while enjoying the benefits of being in a tribe of fellow members which she outstandingly leads


    Owner of Success Link, Speaker, Trainer, Coach


    WEEK 1

    Modules 1 – Introduction

    2 – Your Ideal Client & Module 3 – Where to find your Ideal Client

    Here’s why it pays to learn from someone who’s gone before you – I know exactly where most speakers, trainers and coaches get stuck in their list building and business building processes.

    In this module, you will be able to understand the importance of building an email list and how it will help your business grow. Also, you will do a thorough inventory regarding where you are, where you want to go, what you have, what you will have to do and who you will need to become by the end of the 7 week process.

    We’ll start setting you up for success by making some big decisions regarding your end goal and expectations, and will help you achieve crystal clarity about where you’re going and what you will need in order to get there.

    You’re going to set up your free Facebook group and will get detailed information on the HOW to do it and what you need to take into account.

    You’ll understand what is an ideal client, why you need to choose ONE, and how to start on your ideal client description, so you can have real clarity about who you will be serving, what problem they have and how you can bring them the solution.

    You will then optimize your personal Social Media profiles, primarily on Facebook, but also LinkedIn and Instagram. You will then start attracting your ideal clients into your friends list. (In order to then bring them into your free group and start helping them solve their problem!)

    You will get a welcome script which you can customize and use for your own Facebook group, to welcome new members!

    Finally, you’ll start researching. You will get tactics on how to do research regarding your competition, where to find your ideal client, and how to start working on your first lead magnet! (it’s simpler than you think)


    • Do your own personal inventory. You will fill out a form which we provide, to figure out where you are, what you bring, what you need and what you are heading towards

    • Decide who you are serving and what your main promise is. You will define who you are serving, and how you are serving and you will start building a community with those people

    • Discover where you can find your ideal client, how to learn their language and how to start connecting with them

    • Start building your lead magnet content which will deliver at a later stage

    • JUMP in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about the first week’s process (or anything you may need my help with)!

    WEEK 2

    Modules 4 & 5 – All about Lead Magnets!

    In week 2 you will start adding value to your ideal client. You will take time and connect with them in other groups (ethically and intentionally) and you will receive clear steps to do so.

    You will get templates with customizable copy to invite people in your group.

    You will better understand what a lead magnet is, what it should include and how to make it really good – and then you will finish your very own lead magnet.

    Here you will get started with creating content – using your ideal client’s language. You will start building AWARENESS and ENGAGEMENT on your Facebook profile and/or group, showing your expertise, your personality and your willingness to help.

    You will get the practical steps behind asking your client what their main challenge is and you will get examples on how to address that challenge when crafting your message, to make it really relevant, useful and attractive for your audience.


    • You will go deeper and deeper into understanding the language of your ideal client

    • Keep researching. You will learn how to find out your ideal client’s problems, questions and aspirations and create a GOLD MINE out of them

    • You will create a highly valuable free resource for your audience, taking into account what you will learn about them

    • JUMP in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about the second week’s process (or anything you may need my help with)!

    WEEK 3

    Modules 6 & 7 - All about Personal Stories!

    In week 3 you will start working on your personal stories and you will be able to write a variety of types of Personal Stories so that you attract more Ideal Clients and grow your email list.

    Here is when you will create your opt-in page, your thank-you page, and set a welcome autoresponder e-mail for people who decide to download your lead magnet.

    You will get step by step technical guides – so you can set up EVERYTHING you need, even if you are not a tech savvy!

    Also, you will get a clear template to get your own video script done, which is perfect for cold audiences! These are people that don’t know you, don’t like you and don’t trust you (YET!), but they might be aware of a problem that they have and they might be looking for a solution that you happen to provide. Sometimes they are not even aware of the problem, and that is WHY your content should educate them and make them aware.


    • Launch your lead magnet – through an opt-in page, a thank you page and an email confirmation – all thoroughly explained in the course for you (step by step & click by click)

    • You will dive deep into HOW TO write more content. And how to bring it to life through stories. Will start working on crafting your impactful personal stories

    • Understand what a sales story is and what it needs to include

    • Knowing what the 4 types of stories are and how to use them to connect with your audience

    • You will see how your Personal Story connects with the Ideal Client AND helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace

    • Implement the research you have done in week 2 – write your stories keeping in mind your ideal client’s problems, questions and aspirations

    • JUMP in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about the third week’s process (or anything you may need my help with)!

    WEEK 4

    Module 8 - Master one piece of content

    In week 4 it’s time to build your welcome email sequence. You will have clear instructions, templates, and examples you can customize and make yours!

    Here you will also learn how important it is to choose one piece of content and split it in dozens of smaller pieces of content. This is key to stop getting stuck regarding “What should I write in my emails? What should I write on my blogs? What should I say in my lead magnets? What should I say in my webinar? How on earth will I create a full course?”

    By the end of this module, you can write a foundational signature piece of content that can be used EVERYWHERE!

    I will give you techniques to go really deep with your content and frameworks that will make this whole writing content process really enjoyable, instead of staring at a blank page, waiting for inspiration to come. Trust me… you do this and you’ll never struggle creating your content again! It will all become so simple. Maybe not easy… but you’ll get in flow easier and you’ll have less frustration from staring at a blank screen or empty piece of paper.


    •  Learn the 5 P’s to make your content truly unique

    • Use different formulas to write great persuasive content

    • Build your initial e-mail sequence where you introduce yourself, set the expectations, offer a lot of value, invite people to take action, and start getting them to know, like and trust you

    • Get 5 awesome headline templates and examples so you can use for your own pieces of content to promote your group and lead magnet

    • JUMP in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about the fourth week’s process (or anything you may need my help with)!

    WEEK 5

    7-Day Challenge Building your Business

    Are you up for a challenge? In week 5 we are holding each other accountable to TAKE ACTION!!! Every day, for 7 days, you will tick 4 things off the list and start building your online empire!

    JUMP in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about the fifth week’s challenge (or anything else you may need my help with)!

    WEEK 6

    Diving deeper into Content Creation (Module 8)

    In week 6 it’s time to get to know your competition, get inspired by their success and understand their list building model! Also, here is when we take the time to go back and notice what you have applied, what you can implement more of, what you can start implementing, how you can be more consistent, what you can start improving.

    Then, you will keep doing the work. You will keep getting to know your ideal client better and better, working on your one piece of content, thinking of how you can help your ideal client through that content and coming up with some practical strategies.

    Mastering one piece of content will help you so much to build your list!

    You will be more confident in finding speaking opportunities on other people's stages (Facebook groups, podcasts, summits). One excellent talk that helps their (and your) audience to solve a specific problem and one good lead magnet to give away will help you ACCELERATE your list building like nothing else.

    JUMP in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about the sixth week’s process (or anything else you may need my help with

    WEEK 7

    Module 9 - The Five Figure Webinar

    In week 7 it’s time to start seeing your future launch and create your first product/program/service for the people on your list. You will get the support you need to get real clarity on your offer, with questions, guidance, advice, strategies regarding the launch and will decide whether you will do your launch with or without a webinar.

    In case your choice is WITH a webinar, no need to worry! I got you covered!

    By the end of week 7 you will learn how to create an effective webinar script that attracts prospective clients and sells your product or service!

    Your webinar, using the format that I will teach you is going to be designed to build trust with your audience by showing them your personality, your expertise, and then… your offer.

    Webinars are how I grow my list. They are how I sell my courses. And they are how I fill my programs. Webinars are the bedrock of my business and I am excited to share this with you!

    Remember, you can jump in on the LIVE weekly mentoring call to ask me anything about what we’ve covered so far (or anything else you may need my assistance with)!

    When you enroll during this special launch, you’ll get:



  • 9 implementation modules to go through – explaining literally EVERYTHING you need to know to turn your passion and expertize into an up-and-running online business

  • A full step by step process showing you THE HOW TO behind all the tactics and strategies to build your e-mail list, build a strong community with your ideal clients, add value to your audience, craft your impactful message and prepare your first product/program launch

  • Copywriting formulas and templates to get started working with your content and making it attractive, persuasive and UNIQUE!

  • Next level strategies to start using Social Media in your favor!

  • A webinar formula and video scripts that allows you to start speaking and selling like a pro!

  • An amazing Facebook community where you will have guidance, encouragement and support from myself, my team and the other awesome members!

  • Plus… you get 14 Recorded Mentoring and Coaching calls where I give very practical answers to your questions and business building suggestions for your next steps!

  • 7 weeks List Building Accelerator Roadmap Program 


    Begin to grow your list right now!

    You will be given daily action steps – which means that at the end of the 7 weeks you won’t have to worry for a single day about deciding where and how to start going through the program. We will tell you how to go through the modules, which lessons to follow (and in which order), what practical steps to implement and HOW, and will get the guidance that YOU need, through feedback and answers on your specific process and challenges.

    This will help you FOCUS, be consistent, and stop feeling overwhelmed.

    You will get lifetime access to all the materials, so you can go through the process again and again and AGAIN.

    This is not a collection of video recorded lessons. This is not one of those courses you buy and add to your collection on Kajabi or Thinkific. This is a PRACTICAL, STEP BY STEP process – including 9 modules teaching the best strategies, 49 daily action steps, teaching practical tactics that work now and 7 weekly mentoring calls to answer your questions, solve your problems and improve your results!

    PLUS, you get my personal feedback, through posts, comments and answers to your specific questions in our exclusive Facebook Community!

    I am applying Daniela's system now to grow my business in ways I had never imagined. I know that I will continue to use this roadmap, because it works!

    I joined Daniela's group to learn how to build a list, however in seven short weeks she showed me how to grow my company.



    President of Kelgar & Wallace Inc., John Maxwell Certified Coach, Trainer & Speaker & SHRM Recertification provider

    I joined this program to build a tribe so that I can launch my course. I wanted to get very clear on my audience, but I had bought three email building courses prior to this one and really didn't want to spend more money on a course and not get the results.

    I think everything Daniela does goes above and beyond the expectation. She over delivers on everything.


    Salon Owner

    What Marissa Nehlsen is saying...

    Can you hear Marissa's enthusiasm? This could be YOU!

    Yes! I'm ready to grow my list!


    BONUS – EXPERT MASTERCLASSES for speakers, trainers, coaches!

    Lesson with Lauren Davis on Social media strategies for List Building

  • What platforms to use and how

  • Simplifying what you think about Social Media

  • Some creative ways to build your list using digital

  • Lesson with Connie J Pak on „3 essential tools you must have before building your 1st List Building Funnel”

  • Being intentional about your content to make it relevant for your audience

  • Mapping out your customer journey

  • Lead magnet ideas

  • Practical advice

  • Lesson with Joseph Bojang on „How to do content research and how to put opt-ins in blogs”

  • Being intentional about your content to make it relevant for your audience

  • Making sure you make the most out of Blog posts to help you build your list


    Enroll in ‘List Building Accelerator Roadmap’ today!


    Enroll NOW!


    Join us in List Building Accelerator Roadmap now!

    Enroll NOW!

    More proof that this works:

    Plus you’ll be backed by a risk-free 14-day guaratntee

    Let me just say this:

    ‘List Building Accelerator Roadmap’ is the most effective step by step system for growing your online business as a speaker, trainer, coach. Our community is filled with helpful, passionate and really supportive members who are building their e-mail list (and thus, online business). When you join, you will be part of this special group.

    Now here’s the great news!

    By the end of the 14 days, you’ll have received access to the action steps process for the first 2 weeks, as well as the first 5 corresponding recorded modules (1 ‘Introduction’ module, 2 modules with all about your ‘Ideal Client’, 2 modules with all about ‘Lead Magnets’).

    Meaning, you’ll have had the opportunity to decide who is the ideal client that you will serve, how to learn his/her language, where to find them, and build your first lead magnet BEFORE making a final commitment. If you don’t feel totally confident and motivated to continue your list building process by day 14, simply tell us, show us that you’ve put in the work, and we’ll refund your investment.

    Start growing your list now!

    Your Questions Answered!

    I’ll be totally honest with you. YES, there is a lot of things you will need to learn and implement inside the course. YES, it will get you out of your comfort zone, and not just once. YES, you’ll have moments when you might hate me and my daily steps… and that’s ok! Because here’s the thing… As long as you’re willing to invest a few hours every week and reach out for help every time you get stuck, you can totally do this!

    I will teach you everything you need to start from scratch and you do not need to buy any other course to do so. However, I will point out at different stages in the course that you may need to consider to invest in tools to help you acquire more advanced stuf. You might want to buy a domain name for a more professional look, you may want to hire a designer to create your amazing lead magnet, or to have a look at a tool to build your opt-in pages, thank you pages, sales pages, and setup your email communication with your list. There are many free options which we will show you how to use, but we will also explain to you why you may consider to invest in such a tool for the long run. You will be totally equipped to start your online business and then, to keep building it – writing your lessons, doing your webinars, putting in the work every day. But it’s totally up to the amount of time you are willing and able to put in! You may decide you want to hire a designer rather than waste hours and hours to create your Facebook cover and optimize your profile, you may choose to buy a public speaking program to improve your message, or buy the next step with me to keep having mentoring calls to guide you in your process. There will always be steps in front of you to improve as a person and as a personal brand. So to answer in short, you will have everything I promised AND MORE! But this doesn’t mean it will be the only investment you will ever need to make in your business growth forever. Let’s just not jump ahead of ourselves. This is going to serve you for a very long time and will get you unstuck like nothing else!

    Absolutely NOT! Some of my previous clients had no idea how to upload their cover image on their Personal Profile. And that’s totally OK! This is why we’re here for! We will explain the technical process behind the opt-in page, thank-you page and automated e-mail (using three different tools, so you can chose the one you love), through 30 page pdf guides CLICK BY CLICK, with screenshots and even highlights for each buttton that you will need to click, one by one. All you need it is time, patience and a PC (or even tablet!) 😊

    You’re the right person at the right place then! This course is great for any level and perfect for beginners, since we are starting assuming you don’t have a list at all and you’re only starting off. Of course, in case you already started your journey, enrolling in this program will make sure you are doing it right and building a solid foundation for your business!

    You will receive access to all the resources gradually, as you go through the daily action steps. All you need to do is follow the daily steps and these will include listening to the video lessons in the modules, filling in the worksheets, doing your homework, optimizing your Facebook personal profile, doing your lead magnet, connecting with your audience, creating your content and ultimately, preparing your product/program launch.

    Absolutely! I can’t wait to meet you on our 7 weekly mentoring calls and be your thinking partner regarding your next steps. PLUS, I will be active engaging with everyone in our special group, answering questions and giving feedback. I’ve got you covered! There will be no unanswered questions or unsolved challenges!

    Still thinking about it?

    You should give ‘List Building Accelerator Roadmap’ a 14 day risk-free chance if you’re motivated by any of the following:

    You want your passion and expertize to become a profitable business.

    You want to add value to people and start a win win relationship with your audience.

    You want to live your purpose and have a significant life.

    You want to really use the online world in your favor.

    Whether you’re struggling to find clients and you are always stressed about not knowing where your next sale is coming from, or you are stuck with the technical part of building your list, or you are still unsure about what makes you unique and how to craft your message in the world… you’re fully aware that you don’t have the time or financial freedom to try and learn all this by yourself on Google. It may take you years!

    More importantly, you’d prefer not to get frustrated and stuck every day, since this is getting you grumpier and grumpier around the people you love, and brings around many sleepless nights.

    That’s why you’re motivated and READY to invest in the next 7 weeks in setting up your e-mail list and getting the proper GUIDANCE to start building your business’ foundation that can change your life and business forever.

    Growing my e-mail list has literally changed my life forever!

    I know how frustrating it can be to start a business and not know what to do, how to start, where to look for information, who to listen to. Everybody seems to have an opinion and they tell you so much theoretical principles… but you just want to know HOW!!

    I have lived the transformation from a business that was just an idea in my mind, to a multi six figure business, with 100,000 people in the list, and thousands of clients all over the world.

    More than anything, I want to share this with you today:

    If you’re a speaker, trainer, coach or course creator, you owe it to yourself to at least give it a RISK FREE chance to see what your online business could look like!

    You will experience from the first 2 weeks what a solid foundation should be like, how to build that and gradually start to apply this proven system.

    Don’t want to just take my word for it? Give it a try and make your final decision afterwards.

    If you accept my invitation, I personally promise you that these next 7 weeks will exceed your expectations and will bring you the clarity that you need to build your online empire!

    I really look forward to meeting you personally inside List Building Accelerator Roadmap!


    All the best,

    Start your business transformation today!